Nestling amidst verdant country-side in 18 Acres, yet so close to the city, this magnum opus, Fort Grand, waits to play host to that big event in your life! Look at the pictures… Just imagine what all you could do here… the lawns, serene but grand; the banquet ball, resplendent with old-world charm but sprightly modern in the facilities provided; welcome even a 10000 guests, have them seated regally and regale them with a banquet that befits the royalty; it is so expansive and amenable to deck out, you could give it every imaginable flavor or theme of your choice.

It’s not very often in our lives that we get to host events on such a large scale. So then why not make it king-size, grander than grand can be! Fort Grand offers the best of choices on every imaginable count. It’s an amazing destination – beyond imagination!!

Covered Convention Centre will be ready by Dec, 2015
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